Enkele reacties van toeschouwers van The Melting Body:

De vertraging van de dansers bracht mij in een diepe rust

Jullie voorstelling is als een acupuntuur behandeing voor de stad. Jullie hebben een essentie aangeraakt wat nu in golven door de stad stroomt

Jullie vormden de belichaming van eenheid, zoals Plato het omschreef. Door het zien van jullie performance, begrijp ik voor het eerst in mijn leven dit beeld van Plato

Het leek alsof jullie geboren werden in een nieuwe wereld

Ik heb zoiets nog nooit gezien op straat. (kinderen vol nieuwsgierigheid en vragen)

The Melting Body bracht mij in een andere staat van zijn, ik was diep geroerd en wilde niet meer weg gaan


Deep melting – by Flora Kaye

Melting Body experience. Deep into the internal body, cellular and energetic.

Anne-may led us away from our minds and away form the external. Diving deeper and deeper into the movement. Focussing on points in the internal body that were tight, or held in unnecessary ways. I went into my pelvis, belly and womb. My attention was drawn to the releasing happening there. The letting go and expelling of the old.
Anne-may continued to prompt us deeper, to feel deeper, and extend our awareness in the micro-cosmic sensations and movement. The abundance of senses, a well, springing with activity, activation. Fully, completely alive.
I felt into the healthfulness of my womb, and deeper into were still I feel some healing that wants to be done. I felt into the continual aligning and arriving. The restoring and birthing of cells.The decay and dying leaving my body, released and retired. Melting away, allowing more space.

My mind continues its stream-like conversation, wandering around all over the place. I let even that energy go, the efforting of control, manipulation and blocking. Detaching from my mind. What was alive in my body, internally held all my attention.

I was sinking deeper arriving in a state. A state in which the noise of my mind didnt disrupt. My attention and focus on the cellular level became more and more empowered. More and more alive, deeper and deeper.
Focussing deeper into the womb and pelvis, I spiralled into a euphoria, a letting go. All tensions slipping away, all mental and external activity dissolving. It was a becoming. Becoming the focus, becoming singular with the core. The red, melting, smelting energy at my center. Awakening and activating.
The movement began there, where the abundance was flowing and soft. I began to move, to express. Staying with the light, the focus, the euphoria. Staying in the depth, with the micro sensations.
Now every part of me, all over; legs, feet, hands, chest, lungs, throat, and mind were melted into a flowing form of energy.
Moving from the center, with my womb, with my pelvis, with my spine, I spiralled and spun, like I imagine the way my cells are.
It has become almost as though there is no micro and macro cosmos. It now feels like there can be no distinction, nor separation, only a gradual, continual melting and softening of the two.

I move like this, led and guided, united.
Oh, the absence of pushing and controlling. How much more I am able to release, let go, allow, melt and soften deep and deeper, when my mind does so too. Without the blocking, the ever present calm and balance is free to move, and swirl and spiral. With abundance of energy and light.
The body’s movement was easeful and soft. I could play with dynamics, fast and slow, up and down effortlessly. Though on beforehand I had not warmed up, nor stretched, my entire body was now activated and alert. I could move through the space sense myself and my surroundings as if there were no separation. Because when I disappeared, there was none.

Melting Meditation by Anne-May

Time is round, Like a flower, gently opening, softening into space.
I am round. Like my mind, thoughts that travel to and fro, arise and disappear in space.
I breathe. Breath breathes me. Everything breaths.
Shape is not yet born. Everything moves and melts. Moves and melts into shape. Out of shape. Into me. Out of me.
Cells. Cells are like a womb, a safe space, a safe haven. Soft beautiful beings who gently guide me, guard me.
Cells are round, cells melt into shape. Cells breathe and live and play with other cells. Vibrate with life.
Melt into me, cells of air, cells of earth.
Melt into me cells of skin and hair.
Melt me into existence.
Melt me into being.
I melt into touch. Into touch. Everything is touched by me. Is changed by me. Everything touches me. Changes me. Changes my shape. My being.
Melt into me world.
Touch me.
I become you.